Choosing a baby bike seat

If you have decided to take your family for a weekend outing, it will be cool if you go with your bike. Gateway to the beaches or park picnics offer a perfect place for bicycle riding while watching the magnificent scenery. It would be unfair to leave small kids behind while enjoying these rides. This can help you carry you child while on the picnic ride.

Sometimes maintaining your daily bicycle exercise might be tough if you have small children. You can order a baby seat to use on the bike, and you will be able to maintain your daily bike exercise with your child on board. Many bicycle manufacturing companies have developed extra seats, which can be mounted on to the bikes.

A baby bike seat is considered as one of the most valuable accessories of bicycles. You can buy rear-mounted baby seat or back up saddle which is fitted on to the crossbar to carry your baby. Many children who are below five years can be transported using these types of baby bike seats.

How to pick the right baby bike seat

For you to choose the right baby seat for your bike, you need to consider several things.

• Not all the baby carriers are made the same so you should be sure that the chosen one fits your bike tightly and nicely.

• For your child’s safety, ensure that the seat is able to latch correctly on to your bike.

• There have been a lot of accidents caused by people who assumed that the bike’s seat was tight enough. Put your baby’s safety first before buying the bike seat.

After purchasing the baby bike seat, there are several things to consider before embarking on a bike ride with your child on board.

Do’s and Don’ts

• Do not carry children under the age of one year on a bicycle-mounted baby seat.

• Ensure that your child is wearing a helmet before transporting him on the bicycle. The helmet should be of proper size and shape to protect any head injury.

• Belt up your child on the baby seat

• The child safety can be improved by including spoke protectors on your bike

• Provide you child with adequate head support. You can do this by raising the back of the baby bike seat.

• Mounting the bike seat on to the bike should always be done by an expert; this will ensure that the child is safe from any danger which can be caused by wrong mounting of the seat.

• Do not leave the baby alone in the bicycle-mounted baby seat.

Advantages of having a baby bike seat

When using the bike for exercising, your workout will most likely be intense because you will be carrying extra pounds on your bike. This will help you in burning more calories. Concentrating on your child safety while riding will make your ride harder, while increasing your bike riding endurance and consequently make you build more muscle than ever before.

Riding on the same bike with your child helps in spending more and quality time with your child, this is because you will be carrying him anywhere you are going with your bike.